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  Gharably Company roots traced back to 1912 when
Mr. Ramadan El-Gharably started a modest company
in the fields of fabrication, erection ...
16 El-Eskandar El-Akbar St. Azareta - Alexandria - Egypt.
002 03 4843760
002 03 4843761
002 03 4848902
  GECO is not in the race to become the largest company but we strive to be the best in our work fields . We are a source for comprehensive technology and engineering service for many projects and is able to provide complete turn-key solutions for most projects.  
Today, Gharably Group is
playing an important role
in the national economy...
  Today, Gharably Group is playing an important role in the Egyptian national economy...
Steel Construction.
Civil Works.
Electro Mechanical Works.
Silos & Tanks.
    Our products are manufactured, inspected
and erected according to the international
standards and codes to achieve the maxium
quality assurance that we ...
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